Set Pieces & Set Characters

Sometimes you want the same prop or character throughout each shot in your scene. Let's say that your set is in a bar and you want to add beer glasses to the bar. If you add a beer glass from the prop library, and designate the beer glass prop as a Set Piece, this prop will be duplicated throughout your scene in every single shot. 

If you add the prop to the left side of the bar and later move it to the right side of the bar, this prop will be repositioned in every single shot in the scene. 

To designate a prop or a character as a set piece, select it and then select Set-piece in the prop or character menu. In the example below, we have added a pair of glasses to this shot of a dining room table. We have designed them as a Set piece in the pop-up menu.

Please take note of a few important things:

1. Whenever you move any Set piece in any shot, that set-piece will move throughout each and every shot. Select Unset piece to move or edit it only in this shot.

2. If you delete a set-piece from any shot, it will be deleted from each and every shot in the scene. Again, select Unset piece to delete it independently.

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