Previs Pro Free Version FAQs

Previs Pro has a free version that you can use to test out the app, start to storyboard your project, and see if you're interested in subscribing to the full version.

The full version has yearly and lifetime purchase options. It also comes with a 7-day Risk-Free guarantee.

The free version requires no credit card and has no time limit. You can also cancel a paid subscription and revert to the free version. Your work is saved and never deleted.

1. What's in the free version?

  • Tutorial and Example projects to get you started
  • Blank projects to explore - limit 5 scenes and 10 shots per project
  • Free Prop Library - basic square and sphere shape; chair; stop sign; lawn chair; round table; church; duffel bag with money; sled; tree; light bulb; arrow for camera direction; bicycle; taxi; police car; convertible car
  • Characters - One man and one woman who are customizable by skin, hair, eyes, and clothing
  • General character expressions
  • Storyboard export in JPG, PNG, and PDF format

2. What's in the subscription version? (Remember you can try it free with a 7 day No-Risk Guarantee.)

  • Tutorial and Example projects to get you started
  • Unlimited projects, shots, and scenes
  • Full Prop Library Access - over 300 props in categories such as buildings, furnishings, outdoor, nature, animals, and more.
  • Full Characters - Men, Women, and Kids with dozens of poses
  • General and Custom Character Expressions - smile or scowl into your camera and your character does the same. Save that expression as a custom expression to use again.
  • Full storyboard export in all formats including PDF, JPG, PNG, and video MP4.
  • Post-processing filters to give your storyboard a cinematic look
  • Import a Final Draft (FDX) script file to start your storyboard immediately.

3. Switching between paid and free version.

You can switch between the paid and free version without losing your work. Once you're on the free version, you will still see your projects and be able to edit any shots that you've already created - even if the props and characters are not part of the free version.

However, you will not be able to add props, characters, or new expressions unless they are part of the free version.

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