Redeeming A Promotional Code

Redeeming a promotional code from Previs Pro is fast and easy. Please read through this entire article to understand the entire process including automatic subscription renewals.

If you received a promotional code it will look something like this - FJ6334W7WAFX (this is a non-working example). This code will expire approximately 14 days after you receive it so please redeem it as soon as possible.

To redeem your code.

1. Open the App Store on your iPhone or iPad or the iOS app store (not Mac app store) on your Mac M1 or M2 chip computer.

2. Open your Account on the App Store. Most likely, this will be your picture or your name icon.

3. Select "Redeem Gift Card or Code".

4. Press Enter Code Manually, Enter the Code, and Press Redeem.

VERY IMPORTANT: After the length of your free subscription, Apple will automatically renew the subscription at the full rate UNLESS you can cancel the free subscription before it ends. Apple manages this entire process and Previs Pro cannot make changes to it. 

In order to cancel the subscription before it goes into automatic renewal, go back to your account in the app store. Press Subscriptions and then Previs Pro. Then select Cancel Subscription. Your account will not be renewed automatically. Just remember to do it before the end of the free subscription period.

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